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This Will Be So...

"Yo, girl keep it together" is both lyrics of one of the songs and what i was telling myself as my best friend and I headed to the local theater to see a production of the musical 'Heathers'. My expectations were set high this being one of my favorite shows and gosh were they met. I couldn't speak due to the fact that I was mesmerized by their performance. The music was fantastic and the actors powered through even with patchy microphones. After an amazing night my friend and I stood out in the parking lot waiting to be picked up, the cast members had come out of costume and were talking to some of the audience members. As we were waiting the woman who played, 'Veronica Sawyer' and I looked at each other I praised her on the performance and she then said she liked my outfit and had kept spotting it while on stage. What an amazing night.

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