Showreel & Casting Roles:

"I've been cast as lead role in a new series called Funworld TV Series (IMDB)

Series 1 (5 episodes) and Series 2 (5 episodes) to be filmed in the USA.

Exciting launch of a NEW PREMIERE STREAMING APP to be available

December 2018 to stream the new series episodes

Gold Coast Actress Mary Hossack December

Training & Workshops:


Agent Ready. Ben Parkinson Casting

Gareth Harris Audition Rehersal Workshop 


Cinzia Coassin Industry Q&A. Kristina Sexton, Bud Hopes, Cinzia Coassin.


Cinzia Coassin Teen Actor Workshop. Kristina Sexton 


Premiere Global Auditions Premiere Event (USA). Dru West


Vocal Adrenaline Contemporary & Musical Theatre. Taylah Smith 


School based Contemporary Piano. Rebecca Gill


School based Acting Academy. Holly Judd

Set Secrets. Bud Hopes Casting Duirector & Michael Bate Executive Producer


Weapons Training. Fillman Industries Australia

Qld Licences AB & H Firearms  

SSI Scuba Schools International - Open Water Diving Certified Oct 2019 


Premiere Auditions. Florida July/Aug 2018

Valid & Current Australian Passport

Special Skills:
Air Pistol (Qld Australia) Weapons Trained & Certified
Shooting (Qld Australia) Weapons Trained & Certified

Archery Compound & Long Bow

Accents (USA regional - UK)







Available in:
Gold Coast (Home City) Australia Wide
New Zealand​ Canada
​Most Willing To Consider All Locations Domestic - International Opportunities
Valid & Current Australian Passport Holder  

"Film Acting Workshop"

Weapons Training | Fillman Industries Australia

Gold Coast Actress Mary Hossack Attends Firearms For Film Workshop On Gold Coast
Gold Coast Actress Mary Hossack Attends Firearms For Film Workshop On Gold Coast